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ada insta ? and belajar mane ?  

for the 100th time, i don’t speak Malay… Sorry.

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One gesture, just ONE, can change your whole entire day.

I was in such a horrible mood yesterday after receiving some news and was conducting a survey for my final paper in a nearby plaza. We were handing out the forms and while I was busy sorting out the papers this man with an odd accent (assumed he’s Scottish) approached me. He was wearing shorts and so his prosthetic leg was showing. First thing he said was “what religion are you”

I was so not in the mood like I thought, why should that even matter you ignorant white man. I answered “i’m muslim” while waving my oh so obvious headscarf.

He then just smiled at me and said “wow” and asked for a form. I made sure I clarified that the questions were on gender biasness and religion just to make sure he wouldn’t find them offensive. 

As he answered all ten questions he wouldn’t stop elaborating and so passionately explaining how things are different in his country (turned out he’s from New Zealand). I’d usually be really interested and enjoy listening to other people’s opinions but I was so down and caught up in a web of complications that I was just pretending to be listening.

When he was done, he handed the form to me and said the sweetest thing anyone has ever sincerely said to me.

"You have a special thing about you, I’m not sure if its your smile or eyes but you really shine. Have a good life!"


I love humanity.

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Maktab al-Aqsa. (Al-Aqsa library) taweeelashawq

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"Here’s to the security guards who maybe had a degree in another land. Here’s to the manicurist who had to leave her family to come here, painting the nails, scrubbing the feet of strangers. Here’s to the janitors who don’t even fucking understand English yet work hard despite it all. Here’s to the fast food workers who work hard to see their family smile. Here’s to the laundry man at the Marriott who told me with the sparkle in his eyes how he was an engineer in Peru. Here’s to the bus driver, the Turkish Sufi who almost danced when I quoted Rumi. Here’s to the harvesters who live in fear of being deported for coming here to open the road for their future generation. Here’s to the taxi drivers from Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and India who gossip amongst themselves. Here is to them waking up at 4am, calling home to hear the voices of their loved ones. Here is to their children, to the children who despite it all become artists, writers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, activists and rebels. Here’s to Western Union and Money Gram. For never forgetting home. Here’s to their children who carry the heartbeats of their motherland and even in sleep, speak with pride about their fathers. Keep on."
— Immigrants. First generation by Ijeoma Umebinyuo  (via asoulsearch)


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Her: We finish each other’s s-
Me: -ocial justice rants.

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“LOOK INTO MY EYES AND GET OUT OF MY LAND!" (via Johayna جهينة خالدية)


LOOK INTO MY EYES AND GET OUT OF MY LAND!" (via Johayna جهينة خالدية)

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"لاتناقشني بأفكار انا زرعتها فيك"
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Its the little things that matter. Those tiny details that many may not look twice at or notice, they matter most to me. 

aromas, smiles, folds, glimmer, passion. 

Everything else is just a blur. 

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"One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of whatever is hurting your heart and soul."
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